Reserve a Fire Pit Area with Couches

Seats between 2-10 People

Enjoy an Evening by the Fire

Full Service Food & Drinks

Fire Pit Information

Please Read Below Before Booking!

* The Shaker & Vine is a 21 and older establishment. Children of any age are not permitted. A physical valid ID is required to enter.
* We only take reservations for the fire pits. We have other seating options on our patio, but all other seating is first come, first serve, utilizing a wait list where we will text you when the first table becomes available for your party.
* All patrons are required to wear a mask upon entry and while standing.
* Outside dining is subject to close due to inclement weather.
* All fire pit tables have limited time seating. You do not need to arrive at the starting time, but you do need to be finished by the ending time so the next party can be seated. Please let us know if you will be late in the note area when booking your reservation. See time slots below.
* Out of courtesy to our establishment as well as other guests, please do not book more than one time slot per night.
* Large fire pits require a minimum of 5 people and a max of 10 people.
* Small fire pits require a minimum of 2 people and a max of 4 people.
* If you are running late or need to cancel, please do us the courtesy and cancel online or call us to let us know. Another party may be willing to take your table.
* Temporarily, we do not permit any outside bottles of wine or champagne to be opened and consumed within the establishment.
* Due to COVID-19 reasons, we need to limit the amount of physical interactions, therefore we can only accept ONE credit card per table or cash for the entire bill. No splitting checks at this time. Sorry!


Large Fire Pits (Seats 5-10 People):
• Wednesday: 5pm-7:30pm and 8pm-10pm
• Thursday: 5pm-7:30pm and 8pm-10pm
• Friday: 5pm-7:45pm and 8:15pm-11pm
• Saturday: 2pm-4:45pm, 5:15pm-8:15pm, and 8:30pm-11pm

Small Fire Pits (Seats 2-4 People):
• Wednesday: 5pm-6:30pm, 6:45pm-8:15pm, 8:30pm-10pm
• Thursday: 5pm-6:30pm, 6:45pm-8:15pm, 8:30pm-10pm
• Friday: 5pm-7pm, 7:15pm-9:15pm, 9:30pm-11pm
• Saturday: 2pm-4pm, 4:30pm-6:30pm, 7pm-9pm, 9:30pm-11pm

Please call 518-630-6318 with any further questions.

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